Sunday, 22 July 2012

Glocal Aloo da Paratha & Masala Dip


Vegetable oil
2 Boiled Potatoes Mashed
1 Medium sized Capsicum
1 Tea Spoon of Dry Oregano
1 Tea Spoon of  Coriander Powder
1 Tea Spoon Tomato Sauce/ Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce, Rock salt


For stuffing:

Take vegetable oil in hot pan, add oregano, rocksalt in hot oil

Add mashed potatoes & Capsicum once oregano turns brown. Sprinkle Coriander Powder and add Sauce

Stir it nicely and spread the mixture across the  pan. Cook on Both side until it turns Light  Brown

Turn off the flame add coriander and set it aside


Knead wheat Flour by adding water intermittently till it turns into soft lump

Take two lumps from the kneaded flour and rolled into two small circle

Fill in the mixture between two circle and lock the same, coat it with some flour and roll out again, and round in shape

Ensure your pan is hot throw on the paratha and using a spoon or brush, spread a little oil on the visible surface of the paratha. After a couple of minutes, turn it over and brush a little oil on the visible portion of the aloo paratha again. 

The aloo paratha is done when both sides are golden and crisp

Masala Dip:

Yogurt / Curd

Extra Virgin Olive oil

Tomatoes, 1/2 small onion diced finely

Rock Salt (to taste)

Whip the curd nicely and add in all the ingredients and garnish with Coriander

Serve it with Hot Aloo Da Paratha

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